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Meet The Team


We have a vast experience in the Military Special Operations division, Federal Law enforcement, Corporate and Private Security.

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Marco Monteiro

Founder & Lead-Director

Federal Law Enforcement (DHS, HHS), U.S. Army Military Police, Local Special Operation Division, Air support Unit Helicopter Pilot

O: 240-415-0389 

M: 202-491-4968

Bruno Oliveira

Co-Founder - Head Instructor


Special Operation Instructor and Operator, (BOPE RJ) CBRN, Jungle Warfare, Hostage Negotiator.

O: 240-415-0389  

M: 407-757-4215

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Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 1.29.34 PM.png
Jorge Maia

Co-Founder - Instructor


Special Operation Instructor and Combat Diver (BOPE RJ)

O: 240-415-0389  

M: 561-774-7401

Jefferson Giordano

Instructor - Admnistrator


O: 240-415-0389

M: 407-364-9797

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